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Study online with support from your expert personal tutor and our unique online support. Train for a new career or develop new skills at a time and place to suit you!

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Our courses are delivered by email in a .pdf format, so you can download the material to your computer and print it off if you prefer. This means you can work on your computer, laptop, tablet or ipad.

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Edinburgh Garden School is a leading provider of online horticultural training. We're part of Borders Connect. Our training is accredited by the ODLQC and the ACCPH. We're a registered provider with the Online Learning Council. 

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Our accredited courses allow you to study at a time and place to suit you, with support from an expert tutor. Through our courses, we explore the healing potential of time spent outdoors in a supportive, therapeutic space.

Debbie TurnerHorticultural Therapy

I've worked in healthcare for over 30 years but I'm also a very keen gardener and I saw horticultural therapy as a way of bring my experience in, and love for these two areas together.  I was so pleased to find the course as it allowed me to learn more about horticultural therapy while still working full time. I've now begun applying for jobs in the hort therapy field and am so excited about what comes next. 

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Horticultural Therapy

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Healing Garden Design

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Organic Gardening

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Dean KnightHealing Garden Design

I'm very interested in creating gardens for hospitals, care homes and similar settings, so this course was the perfect choice! Well-planned course material that was easy to follow and surprisingly comprehensive. There are a few designs to complete during the assignments, which are a mixture of theory and practical work. Can't say enough about the tutors, who were always helpful and happy to answer questions. Can definitely recommend!