Bath Bags – Activity for Children

In this activity children use plant materials to create bath bags that can be given as gifts.

Materials required:

  • muslin, cotton or cheesecloth
  • scissors, needle and thread
  • lavender
  • comfrey
  • epsom salts
  • lavender oil.


Sew small bags by hand from muslin or cheesecloth (use needles with large eyes for ease of threading). For a lavender bath, mix equal amounts of lavender blossoms, comfrey leaves, and Epsom salts, plus several drops of lavender oil.

Therapeutic or educational value

Cognitive: structure of bath bag, measuring bag content amounts.

Physical: stimulate sense of smell, feel the texture of the leaves, fine motor skills used for hand sewing.

Emotional: using hand sewing skills linked to the past.

Social: reminisce last garden season using garden products.

Spiritual/Creative: thinking of who to give the gift to, creating something beautiful and useful.

Download Activity Sheet