Hedgehog Bottle Planter

This is a fun way to create outdoor planters and at the same time upcycle waste plastic bottles.


– encourages fine motor development and creativity.

Materials required:

  • plastic bottles
  • glue
  • thick fabric,e.g. burlap or jute
  • buttons or beads for the eyes.


Cut the plastic bottle into a bowl shape. Create drainage holes in the bottom of the ‘bowl’. Wrap the neck and lid of the bottle in your chosen fabric. Then wrap the fabric around the edge of the bowl shape and glue (An alternative is to use string or twine, which can be wrapped around the bottle). Add eyes using buttons or beads. Layer the bottom of the soil with small pebbles then fill with soil or compost. Ensure the compost selected suits your chosen plants. Now add your plants; grass, succulents or alpines can all work well.

Download Activity Sheet (PDF)