Pinecone Bird Feeder

Small pinecone feeders are easy to create and are a wonderful way of attracting birds to the garden.


Develops gross/fine motor skills and eye/hand co-ordination; promotes social interaction; provides sensory stimulation and sense of accomplishment.

Materials required:

  • medium-large pinecones
  • brown string
  • peanut butter or suet
  • cups
  • spoons
  • bird seed
  • scissors
  • plates.


  1. Collect pinecones some time before the activity so they can be brought inside to dry. If your client group are active and able they may be able to help with the collection.
  2. Attach string securely to pinecones.
  3. Spread peanut butter liberally on the cone or dip in melted suet.
  4. Spread mixed bird seed out on a plate.
  5. Dip the cone into the seed and roll, ensuring it is liberally covered with seed.
  6. If the bird feeders are not going to be hung immediately they can be wrapped in wax paper and kept in a freezer until they are needed.
  7. Hang the feeders from a tree or high fence. Choose a position where clients will be able to watch birds visiting the feeders. Some clients may enjoy setting up a camera so they can take photographs of the various visitors.

Other Bird Feeder Ideas

  • Recycled plastic bottles
  • Half a coconut filled with a suet and bird seed mix
  • Suet and seed balls or shapes
  • Small wooden house – this can be painted before positioning in the garden.

Download Activity Sheet