Pressed Flowers

Flowers collected by clients can be pressed and used in a wide variety of crafts, ranging from artwork and cards to flower paper.


Develops fine motor skills; promotes patience; offers sensory stimulation.

Materials required:

  • selection of flowers, leaves and seedheads
  • nappy liners
  • recycled paper or newspaper
  • plant press or weights.


  1. Harvest plant material when it is dry and select flowers and leaves in good condition.
  2. Lay out three sheets of folded, recycled paper . Lay a nappy liner on top of this pile.
  3. Position your chosen flowers and leaves in a single layer on top of the nappy liner. Arrange material of a similar thickness in the same layer to ensure an even pressure is applied.
  4. Lay another nappy liner over the top of your plant material.
  5. Add another three sheets of recycled paper over the top. You can then add another layer of plant material as above.
  6. When the material is dry and crisp remove the material from the press using tweezers and store between sheets of recycled paper in a dry place. This will usually take around two weeks.

Download Activity Sheet