Seed Packets – Activity for Children

In this activity, the children make seed packets and start their own seed company. This is an interesting project for older children, introducing them to ideas about nature and business.

Materials required:

  • a selection of seeds
  • small coloured envelopes
  • a selection of pens, felt-tips, stickers.


  1. Show the children how to collect and dry seeds from fruit and vegetable crops or flowers. (Ensure that the varieties you have chosen are not F1s or the seeds will probably be sterile.)
  2. Provide the children with small colourful envelopes that they can design as seed packets. Add just one type of seed to each envelope.
  3. Ask the children to write the name of the plant, to show what is in the packet, and perhaps a drawing of the plant, or they could use vegetable or leaf prints to decorate the packets.
  4. On the back of the envelope they should write directions on how, when and where to plant the seeds.
  5. If you have a lot of seeds you might also ask the children to design ‘seed mixes’.
  6. They can also experiment with different ways of designing and decorating the seed packets.
  7. Help the children to decide how much they want to sell the seeds for and write the price on the packet.
  8. The seeds can then be sold at a plant sale, autumn or Christmas fayre, or other appropriate event. They could also be created as gifts for family members, for example, a Mother’s Day gift.

Therapeutic or Educational Value:

Cognitive: following directions, reading and writing, creating a design.

Physical: fine motor skills (scissors, pens).

Emotional: thinking of sharing the seeds.

Social: conversation, group work.

Spiritual/Creative: creating something attractive.

Download Activity Sheet